Permanent wine tastings

Villa Völgy Winery or Hotel Villa Völgy ****

Book your place for an exciting wine tasting with cellar tour, either in combination with a shuttle service or a multi-course gourmet wine dinner.

Permanent wine tastings:

  • Scope of the tasting: Tasting of 5 or 7 different types of wine from the excellent wine range of the Villa Völgy Winery.
  • Snacks: Baguettes, olive oil, cheese puffs, apples.
  • Registration: From 2 persons.
  • Tasting days: Every Friday and Saturday from 18:00, groups of more than 10 people can make an individual appointment.
  • Tasting time: ~45-60 minutes.

Tasting price:

  • Tasting of 5 wines (5 x 0.6 dl wine): 4.200 Ft/person
  • Tasting of 7 wines (7 x 0.6 dl wine): 6.000 Ft/person
  • Snacks: 900 Ft/person


  • Villa Völgy Winery (Eger, Mester u. 2.)
  • or Hotel Villa Völgy **** (Eger, Tulipánkert u. 5.)
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