The Winery not only has the best vineyards in the Eger wine region, but also all the equipment needed for modern grape processing and winemaking. The cellar offers the atmosphere of a Romanesque church; its masonry, which is more than a hundred years old, its decorative lighting and its arches and columns accentuated with grazing light create an enchanting ambience.

The vineyards of the Villa Völgy Winery

The Winery's vineyards are located in the Eger wine region, on the border of several villages. Our goal is to achieve excellence and strive for ever higher quality. To this end, the first owner and founder of the winery searched for areas that had been taken out of production and no longer farmed in recent decades (1950s and 1970s), but which old people had told him were once excellent growing areas.

Our vineyards:

  • Mész-hegy hill
  • Ádám-tető
  • Nagy-Eged hill